Course curriculum

How To Write A Risk Assessment & Understand Risk In Education

  • 3

    Types of Risk | 20 min

    • Types of Risk Intro

    • Brainstorm Activity

    • Negative Risk Vs Positive Risk

    • Integral & Inherent Risks

    • Expected Risk

    • Perceived Risk Vs Real Risk

    • What Sort of Risk Is This? - Each Answer Requires More Than One Selection

  • 4

    Risk Tolerance | 25 min

    • Risk Tolerance Intro

    • What Are You Ok With?

    • What Are You Not Ok With?

    • Risk Tolerance Review

    • Comfort Zones To Help Establish Levels of Acceptable Risk

    • Example of Comfort Level Circles

    • Everyone is Different, This Means is Risk Too!

    • A Different Way To Look At Things

  • 5

    Risk Thresholds | 5 min

    • What's A Risk Threshold?

    • Risk Thresholds Quiz - Each Question May Have More Than One Correct Answer - Select All Which Apply

  • 6

    Starting Your Risk Assessment | 20 min

    • What Can We Do About Risk?

    • Risk Management Strategies Example

    • So... Writing The Risk Assessment... Where Do We Start?

    • What Can We Do About Risk Review - One Or More Correct Answers

  • 7

    Defining Your Risks | 20 min

    • 3 Elements of Risk For Excursions & Activities

    • Review - Defining Your Risks

    • Worked Example - Risk Scenario

  • 8

    Defining Your Controls | 15 min

    • 3 Elements of Control For Excursions & Activities

    • Monitoring Your Controls

    • Quick Review - Monitor Your Controls - Each Question May Have More Than One Correct Answer - Select All Which Apply

  • 9

    Writing Your Risk Assessment | 25 min

    • A Basic Risk Assessment Form

    • Practice: A Basic Risk Assessment

  • 10

    Understanding A Risk Matrix | 20 min

    • Risk Matrix Introduction

    • How Does A Risk Matrix Work?

    • How Does The Matrix Fit Into My Plan?

    • Risk Matrix Reivew

  • 11

    Putting Your Risk Assessment Into Practice | 20 min

    • The Dynamic Interaction of Risk & Control

    • Communicating Your Risk Management Plan

    • Brainstorm Activity

    • Communicating Your Risk Plan Review

    • What Sort Of Records Should I Keep?

    • Risk & Your School Context

    • Continuous Improvement

  • 12

    Next Steps | 10 min

    • Course Summary

    • Feedback

    • Additional Resources

    • Further Training

Have To Write Risk Assessments For An Excursion, Camp or Activity?

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Xcursion Professional Development courses take you step by step through the risk management process, so you can confidently assess and manage a whole range of risks for your excursions and activities and make each program safer.


• Improved Safety

• Build Confidence in Managing Risks

• Reduce Incident Risks

• Better Safety Decisions

• Reduce exposure to personal legal liability

• Avoid lengthy, expensive legal investigations

• Hear some fun stories

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