Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction | 10 min

  • 2

    Education, Adventure & Risk | 20min

  • 3

    Creating A Culture of Risk Management | 25min

  • 4

    Student Leadership | 10min

    • Stages of Competence

    • Self-Leadership

    • Student Leadership Progression | 5min

  • 5

    Setting Up the Adventurous Journey | 20min

  • 6

    Assessing Risks | 15min

  • 7

    Transport Risks | 10min

  • 8

    Common Adventurous Journey Risks | 30min

    • Common Duke of Ed Camping Risks

    • Cooking With Gas (...or Other Flammable Substances)

    • Water Safety

    • School Trips & Swimming

    • Assessing Risks Summary

  • 9

    When Systems Fail | 15min

  • 10

    Injuries, Incidents & Emergencies | 30min

    • Injuries, Incidents & Emergencies Intro

    • Safety Backup

    • What3Words

    • First Aid Qualifications & Experience

    • Injury Classifications

    • Critical Incident Framework

    • Critical Incident Workflow Examples

    • Injuries, Incidents & Emergencies Summary

  • 11

    Practical Planning, Preparation & Logisitics | 30min

    • Practical Planning, Preparation & Logistics Intro

    • Medicals, Mental Health Plans & Dietary Requirements

    • Release of Indemnity or Liability Waivers

    • Transport

    • Let's Gear Up!

    • Sample Gear List

    • Considerations For A Wilderness First Aid Kit

    • Food, Glorious, Food!

    • Water, Water, Everywhere!

    • Weather Checks

    • Practical Planning Review

  • 12

    Putting It All Together | 15min

    • Your Well-Formed Plan Intro

    • Your Well-Formed Plan

    • A Well Formed Plan Template

    • Pre-Departure Checks

    • Pre-Departure Checklist

  • 13

    Reviewing Your Adventurous Journey | 10min

    • Debrief Intro

    • The Power of The Debrief

    • Post Expedition Review

    • Continuous Improvement

  • 14

    Next Steps | 10min

    • Course Summary

    • Course Evaluation

    • Additional Resources

    • Articles, References & Reports Cited In This Training

    • Further Training

Course Feedback

Comments about this course from our clients

• Relevant, commonsense, transferable to all Outdoor Ed expeditions 

- Tiffany, John Tonkin College

• The training was engaging and extremely useful. The most useful part was the step by step guidance through all aspects of safety 

- Sandie

• Clear and concise with practical planning and logistics for our Duke of Ed AJs 

- Dennis

• The introduction and explanation of what risk is was very helpful 

- Keryn

• Appreciated the balance of workshops, interactive quizzes, flow of information and progression through the essentials of adventurous journeys 

- Paul

• I loved how informative and understanding the whole course was. It was insightful and very diligent in the way of risk management planning and trip planning for my next adventures 

- Taylor

• It was straight forward and easy to follow. There is a lot of information there, but the way it is split up into sections made it easier to digest 

- Benjamin

Do You Run The Duke of Ed Program At Your School?


Do you want to empower your students, reduce risk and improve safety for all of your Adventurous Journeys?

The Xcursion Duke of Ed Risk Management course steps you through the process of planning, preparing and running any sort of Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey from an operational risk management point of view. Whether you're running your program internally or contracting out parts or all of your program to a specialist activity provider, this course will help you build your understanding and confidence in risk management for all your Adventurous Journeys.


• Improve Safety

• Empower students to plan and prepare for themselves within a risk managed framework

• Build effective risk management systems for your Duke of Ed programs

• Build confidence in managing risks & decision-making processes

• Understand how to develop a culture of risk management

• Improve communications skills

• Reduce your exposure to personal legal liability

• Avoid lengthy, expensive legal investigations

• Improve educational outcomes

For our full risk management training options, including face to face and custom designed programs, go to:

For ACT Registered Teachers

This course is an accredited TQI training course and will contribute to 3 hours of professional development.


This course contains materials which may be upsetting to some participants, including references and case studies which explore confronting details of incidents which have occurred on school trips that have resulted in serious injuries and/or death. Case studies and examples are designed to highlight the dangers and risks involved in these types of activities and help prevent them from occurring in the future. Please bare this in mind before you start the course. We have made every effort to ensure these matters are presented in a meaningful and sensitive way to help improve safety. However, if something from this course does trigger something in you, please connect with a professional counseling service immediately.

School Pricing options

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Registered Teacher PD Hours

This course is a certified CPD course for UK teachers & Australian ACT Teachers

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For Our Australian Clients

A note to the training

​Xcursion’s ‘Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey Risk Management Course’ has been designed by Xcursion as a professional development option for the effective planning and management of risk. It is separate from the administrative training which is delivered by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Australia (the Award) and all their state and territory affiliates. This course is not a requirement for the delivery of the award (from an administrative point of view), however, as an Award Leader you have a legal obligation and non-deligable duty of care to understand and effectively manage risk when running (and outsourcing) AJs and this course, which is based upon industry best practice, is designed to help you protect you and your students. This course for the management of risk in the outdoors is an excellent option for all Award Leaders to undertake in addition to Award Level 2 training which is delivered by the Award.